Jamie & Mark

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Where do I begin? I knew I wanted Katie to be my photographer from the moment I met her. She made me feel comfortable and (even better) made me laugh right from the start. "Midwest girls have to stick together" I thought. Katie was more than amazing! She was considerate, helpful, thoughtful, and truly excited that I was getting married...and I thought all of that about her before I even saw my pictures :) There are no words to express how thankful I am that Katie was part of our big day. My wedding pictures are some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. She captured each moment in a clever, skillful, and effortless way. Thanks to Katie (and her husband, Ryan) Mark and I will be able to literally re-live that day each time we look at them.

Miki & Russell

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Katie was an ideal photographer for our wedding. She's very professional, and knows exactly what she's doing. She's also great to communicate with--even though we were planning a wedding from out of town, we knew we were in great hands. Best of all, she's warm and hilarious, and she was so much fun to work with. We loved having her be a part of our day!

Claire & Phillip

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Small, with LOADS of personality.  Small, with BIG ideas.  Small, with GREAT vision.  Small, with GREAT heart!   It’s true what they say, that good things come in small packages.  In Katie’s case, AMAZING & INCREDIBLE things come in small packages, both in photos and in her.
To say she’s talented is an understatement, and nice isn’t doing her justice!

Erin & Jon

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I met Katie in college, and immediately thought, 'This girl is too cute and fun, I can't even handle it.' Fast forward 6ish years, and I discover that she's a photographer and has a blog. I started to stalk her blog daily. 'My word,' I said to myself, 'she's really good. When I get married, I must snag her. I just MUST!' Fast forward another year or so, I'm engaged, and I tell my man, 'Katie is our girl.' I showed him her incredibleness and he was sold...no if's, and's or but's. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with her. She's not only just really great at capturing the sweet, silly moments between loved ones and families, but she's extremely personable. She makes these ridiculous (charming :) ) honking noises and squeals at you, which is totally hilarious; you'd have to be inhuman to not laugh. These silly antics are an amazing way she's able to make people feel totally at ease. For my husband and I, this was super helpful. We weren't used to being photographed in this way, and she made it feel natural. My husband and I have gotten countless complements on both our engagement and wedding photos. People are always asking, 'Who was your photographer, your pictures are wonderful!' She truly is the best. There may be things in the future I wish I'd done differently with our wedding, but I will never feel that way about having Katie as our photographer!

Lindsay & Ben

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When picking our photographer, we didn’t have a lot of demands; we just knew we wanted someone who would deal gently with our awkward poses, treat our friends and family with kindness, and document our day with simple integrity. Katie did all of these things, and so much more. Far from simply photographing the love and joy around us that day, she added to it. Her incredible warmth, her wicked sense of humor, her sound effects—all of these have become part of the fabric of that incredible experience. Now we live with Katie’s images all around us; they’re on our coffee table, hanging in the study, & sitting on our desks at work. And even though the pictures are familiar enough at this point to seem commonplace, we marvel over and over again at how well they capture the exuberance we felt and continue to feel. The images are, in fact, just like Katie herself—so beautiful and so full of life that they’re impossible not to smile at.

Jacqui & Mike

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Choosing a photographer for one of the biggest, most important days of your life is a daunting task. The first time my husband and I met Katie our anxiety about picking "the one" was relieved . She took a significant amount of time to explain the entire process from beginning to end and helped us to structure our day in a manner that would produce the best possible pictures. During our engagement shoot she helped us to loosen up (mostly with her infectious giggling). The day of the wedding I had complete and utter confidence that Katie & her associate were doing their thing and capturing the day as it unfolded. It was like having a few extra family members there celebrating with us. The images are incredible but we didn't expect anything less. So thankful!!!!

Chelsea & Dale

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Every time I look at my wedding photos, I am surprised by how vividly I am transported back to the emotional atmosphere of that magical day.  Katie's images are not only aesthetically beautiful, they somehow manage to get to the marrow of our wedding and of the people they portray. One of the things I value most about Katie's work is her remarkable ability to make her subjects feel at ease.  Whether on a crowded dance floor or in the intimacy of a private exchange, Katie allowed moments to unfold without awkwardness or interference. Though I was introduced to her in a professional context, her sweetness, sincerity, positivity, and sense of humor, secure her in my heart as a friend.  I can't imagine a better candidate to have documented the most important day of my life!